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About us

VEELK by a former Chinese decorative LED lighting national standards drafting unit, high power LED outdoor lighting, Guangdong Province local standards drafting unit's executives and experts together to create, committed to energy saving LED semiconductor light source application, research and development, production, sales and service, a high-tech multinationals. Provide a complete, professional indoor and outdoor LED lighting system solutions for customers worldwide.

The headquarters in Guangdong,it is located in the Mr. Sun Yat-sen hometown-- Nanlang Town,Cuiheng New District, Zhongshan City. In order to better serve the global market, VEELK has set up branch in the beautiful Thailand Bangkok in 2014, set up branch in core area of Southeast Asia Malaysia in 2015.

VEELK in the field of LED lighting, R & D, production and sales with independent intellectual property rights of high energy-saving products, has variety of patent dozens of pieces, product coverage of indoor and outdoor lighting, it is the PNP Pixel Lights Inventor In China, it is WPP Pixel Lights Inventor In China, it is the No Screws LBL Overlay Structure Panel Lights Inventor In China,it is the Long Grow Light of Multifunctional Integrated And Intelligent Control Inventor in China。 NO screw shadow light guide plate lights inventor In China Products application indoor lighting, urban lighting, square garden lighting, urban road and bridge lighting, architectural landscape lighting, and new type of environmentally friendly agriculture, VEELK has extremely rich experience and field application。 Has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and the European Union CE, ROHS and other related。 2016 Winning prize for the first Intemational Semiconductor Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals Award; won great investment value award and LED industry products cutting-edge award; Was named the year 2016 high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province


Boutique case

  • Overall illumination
  • City Landmark
  • Commercial complex
  • Star Hotel
  • Venue project
  • landscape
  • Bridge project

Patent certificate

    Excellence Award
  • LED
    Cutting-edge Award
  • LED
    Great value investment Award
  • QA
    IOS 9001
  • 广东省
    High-tech enterprise
  • 22
    National utility model patent
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